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Become a Tanning Guru

We take our employees very seriously – as the front lines and first contact with our tanning customers, our employees are the backbone of our business. If you’re looking for an easy job that allows you to do homework while working, this isn’t what you’re looking for. We provide a rewarding and fun employment experience, but we require focus and dedication. If you’re interested in working for a salon that cares about you and will teach you to work well and effectively in today’s world, fill out an application below. If you do not write in complete sentences, your assignment will not be graded.

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Please fill-in all forms as directed.
  • Example: John Smith was my boss at Radio Shack. He was my immediate supervisor. You can email him at [email protected], or call him at (123) 456-7890.
  • Example: Sunday - available all day Monday - available 11-close Tuesday - available from 3-close Wednesday - available all day Thursday - available from 3-close Friday - available from 11-close Saturday - available all day.