Sunless After Care

Taking care of your spray tan properly will make sure your radiant color lasts as long as possible.Prolong Tan Extender


  • Avoid water and sweating for at least 4-hours. Shower after 16-hours using only a mild pH balancing shower gel such as AmberSun Body Wash. If you must shower before 16-hours, warm water rinse only. Cosmetic instant bronzers will wash away during your first shower – do not panic! This is intentional. The DHA reaction will continue to show a tan. Additionally, remember that pools and spas that utilize high levels of chlorine can cause your spray tan to fade.
  • Extend color with daily application of Prolong color extending moisturizer (available in the salon).
  • Touch-Up your spray tan with 4-Faces or any other Amber Sun self-tanning product.